LANDESK Mac Management Part 4: Patching OS X and 3rd Party Applications

In part 4 of this LANDESK Mac Management series, we’ll demonstrate how you can patch the Mac OS, walking through the reboot process as well as patching 3rd party application titles on the machine; which typically don’t require a reboot to take place.

4 thoughts on “LANDESK Mac Management Part 4: Patching OS X and 3rd Party Applications

  1. Hi Bennett. Thanks for posting this but could you please go over how to use custom definitions for patching the Macs? We are trying to patch Flash Player by using a package I have already created. The detection logic part works, however, the package I have listed in Additional Files isn’t running. I think I’m missing something in the Patch Install Command section of the properties for the rule. Thanks!


  2. Thanks, Bennett. So custom definitions don’t work on the Mac like they do on the Windows side? Is there any solid documentation on how to do that for the Mac? We are trying to mimic that as much as possible from a standards perspective but we are running into issues and trying to find answers to specific challenges like this is proving to be a little challenging. I’ll try using SDClient to download the update directly then and see if that works. Thanks, again!

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    1. Andy, while the Windows and Mac agent have a lot of parity in the feature delivery, how they go about executing the task is not always in sync. As for the additional files download, you’ll have to ask LANDESK support if it is supported or not. It may be, I just don’t know.

      As for documentation, Peter Massa delivered an excellent session on how to do custom definitions at Interchange last year. You can access his slides here:


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