How to Bind a Mac to Active Directory using Profile Manager and LANDESK

Below is a somewhat brief overview of how you can build a payload with the settings to bind a Mac to a domain.

In order to build this Directory payload, you’ll need to download and install macOS Server.  Your clients won’t need access to the macOS Server, so you can put this on a virtual machine that you start just when you need to build a new profile.

You’ll also need LANDESK Management Suite 9.6 or greater.

LANDESK Mac Management Part 2: Creating and Deploying Configuration Profiles

Today’s video demonstration illustrates how you can build a configuration profile, leveraging Apple’s Profile Manager.

Apple’s Profile Manager allows you, as an administrator, to control the behavior of an OS X machine.  You can push certificates, supply email and Wi-Fi settings, bind the machine to a domain, secure the data on the device by restricting settings such as iCloud backups and more, much more.  For additional details about what Profile Manager can do, see  Apple’s documentation here.

Once you have your desired settings configured in profile manager, the video will show you how to import the output file into LANDESK Management Suite and deploy it out via a Change Agent Settings task.